We Need a New Way of Thinking

Finding work outside the United States has long been a dream of mine. Now that President Trump has decided to take the American Dream and burn it to the ground until nothing is left but the shadow of the wall, I finally made the choice to call my new home Singapore. Massive Infinity in Singapore is one of those companies that are able to provide work for mobile developers like myself that absolutely need a change of pace. I can’t stand by and watch my beautiful country become corrupted by the idiocy that is our supposed President – a man who lost the popular vote but is somehow still our Commander in Chief.

Singapore knows what they’re about. They’re reaching out to developers like myself and offering us jobs that pay far more than what American companies here are paying us. It’s a shame that Silicon Valley has to treat us like this. Sure, the money is good enough for some but if you’re a junior developer you’re not making anything at all and you’re treated like utter trash. I’m lucky enough to have been in the industry for almost a decade and a half – not as long as some but long enough to establish myself.

Singapore is going to change the mobile development game. Already they’re working to create an augmented reality platform that is being utilized in every day life. This is how it should be done. I always thought Americans were the ones who were quick to embrace new technology but I’ve come to realize that their inherent complacency encourages the opposite of this. They’re willing to accept the status quo of a thing but they’re not eager to accept new tech. This might be because of dinosaur corporations pushing back against he idea of new tech, but the nation’s culture is severely lacking.