We Got Maryland Direct TV on Four TVs

When we were remodeling our house, it was going to include running new wires and cables for the phones, TV and Internet. I contacted a maryland direct tv company to install satellite TV in our home for four televisions. There was the main one in the living room, one in our master bedroom and one each in the rooms of our two children. I was kind of excited to be getting satellite TV. They carried a channel that I have been wanting for a long time that was extra through our cable company. I would have had it with the old TV service, but just could not justify the jump in cost for one channel.

Now I am recording and watching all of the shows I have seen advertised but could not watch before. It is nice that the satellite company has a channel package that makes more sense to me. I do not feel like they are trying to gouge me by putting popular channels into packages that cost a whole lot more to get. Plus the picture is perfect. Our big screen TV has never looked better. I like the quality of the picture and sound of satellite TV. The football games are the best, and we watch a lot of football at my house.

Our son is the quarterback of his high school team. He is going to be attending our state university in three years. My wife likes her crime dramas, and now she has me hooked. We spend time just about every evening watching a show we have recorded on DVR. Sometimes on a lazy day off we will binge watch a bunch of shows we have recorded. It is fun for us. The kids do not have to miss their shows since they get the same channels in their rooms. We also set up parental locks on the satellite receivers of our children to control their viewing habits.