We Choose Vinyl Siding for Its Look and Durability

I like brick homes. They look regal and sturdy. However, after a few years in just about any location you begin to see some cracking in the mortar joints. I have seen brick facades over block look like they were separating from the inner wall surfaces. One thing I have seen that keeps on looking good year after is siding. I remember aluminum siding, I have seen a house with steel siding and there is a lot of vinyl siding around here. We have it on our house. We got vinyl siding in Billings, MT about 20 years ago. I pressure wash it when the grime from traffic builds up, and it keeps on looking great year after year.

The only part that really gets any buildup of grime is on the front porch. The porch roof keeps the rain off of the siding. That wall faces north. It gets all the wind and dust blowing down through the valley when the storm fronts move in. I can clean it with dishwashing liquid, a bucket, hose and broom. It shines like new when I do that. Vinyl siding is some durable stuff. The color goes all the way through, so any nicks just blend in. The brick homes around here along with homes with different types of siding are showing the wear and tear of time. This stuff still looks really new.

It was a good investment to have our house covered in vinyl siding. The difference it made in how it looks is incredible. There are all kinds of colors to choose from as well. We have a nice tan color with brown shutters and window trim. It looks really nice. Our neighbor had stone siding put on his new house. About a week or so after it was done, I saw a crew out there fixing something. My in-law’s stone siding hasn’t fared as well as our vinyl either, and our vinyl siding is older.