This Was My First Pedicure

I had never had a professional manicure before, and I certainly had never had a pedicure either. I have always taken care of my own fingernails and toenails, and I just could not understand why someone would pay another person just to cut and paint their toenails. My mom knew how I felt, so I was confused when she got me a certificate for a Holland Village pedicure. It is not that I am a tomboy and don’t like girly things like that, because I do enjoy fashion. It is also not because I cannot afford a professional manicure or pedicure, because I have a great job that keeps my bank account very healthy.

It is just because I don’t like to waste, and that is how I saw this. Since I don’t like to waste though, that also meant that I had to use the certificate that my mom gave me. I had to laugh because I just did not want to get this pedicure. Once I got there though, I saw how wrong I was. The pedicurist was so nice and had me laughing with some stories as she explained the entire process of getting a pedicure.

It was not simply someone cutting my toenails and then slapping on a coat of nail polish. When I do that at home, it takes longer for my nails to dry than it does for the rest of the process. I was completely pampered here though. I got a foot soak, and then a bit of a massage before I had lotion put on me. While I was completely relaxed, she trimmed and filed my toenails. She then applied several coats of polish along with a bit of bling, and my toenails had never looked as pretty as they did that day. It was my first pedicure, but it will definitely not be my last after that experience!