Still Working in the Silicon Valley

I have been in this part of the Silicon Valley for a couple of years now, of course in theory there is a lot of money to be made here and that is in spite of the fact that there is an utterly insane cost of living here. You can see a really ordinary house around here, just like the one you grew up in and it lists for well over a million dollars. Right now I am doing some work for a chiropractor in Campbell who dabbles in real estate. A lot of people do that around here, because you can really turn a profit on a job if you do things right. In fact a lot of the time they just tear down the house after they buy it. However in this case we are basically doubling the floor space of the homes that he buys. That is expensive, but around here you can turn a million dollar house into a multimillion dollar house if you do things right.

In fact I have been living on the job for a couple of months now. It only makes sense when you are working on a house, especially when it costs as much to get a place to stay around here. I had a house that I found, but it was worth so much that I had to sell it and I turned a nice profit. It was a shambles when I bought, elsewise I could not have afforded it. When I got done with it, the place was the nicest house in the neighborhood and a guy down the street was trying to hire me, but I just have way too much stuff that I have already put on the schedule. I need to hire someone to help me, but that is a tough thing around here.