My Sleep Troubles Are Now Gone

I would say that I spent three years dealing with feeling so tired throughout pretty much every day. I even tried to make sure that I got into bed every night at a decent time, and I still felt completely worn out every morning and all throughout the day afterward. I really could not figure out what the problem was. One day, my husband surprised me by saying that I snore and that I had been doing it for awhile. I knew immediately that meant that I should go see a sleep apnea doctor in Grand Rapids as quickly as possible.

My husband had been snoring for many years. There had been many nights where it would wake me up and I would poke him to try to get him to stop. If that did not work, I would ask him to roll over and then sort of nudge him until he did. I had been telling him that he snores, and pushing him to go see a specialist. I figured that I could talk him into going finally since I was going to go see a specialist, and I finally got him to agree because of it.

When the doctor told us both that we needed to stay the night in a sleep lab, I knew that I had done the right thing. Many people think that snoring is normal, but it can be a big problem that a health issue is going on and it can lead to a variety of repercussions with your health as well. I wanted to live a long, healthy life, so I immediately made an appointment for both of us to stay the night in the lab that same week. After we had our sleep testing done, we learned that we both have sleep apnea. This is easily remedied, and after we did that, I found that I woke up feeling refreshed every day after that.