My Business is Thriving and Keeps Me Busy

Well, I expected to have a lot of crunch time with my own business, but I really had no idea just how busy things would be until I actually got into the trenches and started the business I now run. It keeps me on my toes for sure. Yesterday, I was talking to my accountant about something, and she mentioned she needs to see real check stubs given to the two employees who work for me. Because there are only two people working for me, I had just been paying them via an online payment system that doesn’t give stubs. She told me that I can do it online. I was pretty grateful because my day yesterday was jam packed with so many things to do. I hope it quiets down one day.

I hired my first employee when I realized that it was a must. I had been doing everything alone for about a year and half. It kept me busy day in and day out. But when I found myself working 15 hour days and still not completing everything, I knew I could no longer make it alone and needed help. So, I hired a marketing person. He’s fantastic. He handles everything to do with advertising now, and that did help take a lot off of my hands. But after another year, I found that I needed even more help.

The second person that I hired is my assistant. She does so many different things, and she came to me with a lot of experience. So, there was not much training time involved, which I’m grateful for. Pretty much everything she does for me I can hand the work to her and she’s off and running on her own. I still try to handle some things myself when my assistant is busy, such as getting the check stubs together that my accountant asked for.