Longing for More New Music from My Homeland

I like songs. My problem is that I like to listen to the songs a couple of times before I buy them. I strongly support paying for the music you download. I do get free songs now and again when certain sites I belong to offer them. However, those are few and far between. What I like to do for my world music is to go to a baixar mp3 site and listen to music from different parts of the world. When I find what I like, I buy it. If I do not really care for it, I make sure I do not listen to it anymore or have it on my phone.

I think there should be more ways to find and listen to music from around the world. You can go online and see a video or listen to a song from just about any music artist in America. However, I have not found it so easy to listen to new bands and artists of my home country. Sure, it would be a lot easier if I still lived there, but I live here now. I am integrating into the culture just fine, but I do long for and listen to the music from where I came from. I think we all do that. I have American friends who have families born here for several generations and they still listen to music of their culture. My friend who has Irish roots actually plays the bagpipes!

I think we kind of stick to the music we have known since we were children. My parents listened to a lot of music and even played music while I was a young child. I play guitar and piano and can mimic different musical styles. However, I prefer the style of contemporary music that is popular in my country.