I Remember when the Only Internet We Had Was Dial-Up

I can remember when we had dial-up Internet. When we upgraded to a modem that was twice as fast, it was amazing for us at the time. Back then we could not even view a photo. It just took too long to download. The graphics were simple so they could download fast. The first broadband Internet we got was incredibly fast for what the Internet could do at the time. Now the Internet and devices connected at home are surpassing what service level some folks have. We like our AT&T Internet service because we can all be doing whatever we want on the Internet without any slowdowns or that dreaded “buffering” notice.

Most homes today have more than one computer connected to and using the Internet at the same time. If there are three or four family members in the house, then they each probably have a smartphone connected to the Wi-Fi in the home to save data. Even young children get smartphones now. Plus, the televisions and game consoles are likely connected to the Internet as well. If you do not have a decent broadband Internet connection, then you all cannot be enjoying the Internet at the same time. This can really be noticed when more than one person is trying to watch an HD streaming movie or TV show.

Most streaming services will default back to a lower resolution if the Internet speed is not fast enough. You will see this as a degraded picture quality on your TV set. You may not notice it as much on a computer or tablet screen, but the bigger picture of the TV makes it more noticeable when streaming drops back to standard definition because of lack of bandwidth available through your Internet connection. Having faster Internet service is the only fix.