I Needed to Make Some Positive Changes for My Children

I knew that I had to leave my husband because I could not deal with more of the troubles that he had been putting me and our children for years. So, I found a place to live, and then I made sure to sign up with a new energy company, the phone company and got Internet service right away. i wanted to do all this before I told him that I was leaving. Having a place ahead of time was also something that I thought was necessary for me to keep in mind if he tried to win me back. I had stayed too many times because he had talked me into it over the years. But something finally turned on a light switch in my brain and I realized that it was time to move on for good.

The conversation I had with my husband went pretty well. He knew that I meant it this time. There were so many time that he’d done something like gambled all of our rent or food money away, and then he would be for forgiveness. This is not what I wanted my children to grow up seeing. I wanted the kids to know that a relationship needs to be healthy, and that a person should not stay where things are not going well at all. The nice thing is the my husband also understood why we needed to leave.

My children are ages 6 and 11. They are waking up to a lot of things around them. I was hoping their dad would be interested in staying in their lives, and so far, that has worked well. We have moved into the new place, and he comes to pick them up every weekend to have time with them. It gives me time to do things on my own, and they love that their dad is still in their lives.