Goodbye to the Apple Tree

Having a fruit tree in your yard is a convenience, but it can also be annoyance. For years I had an apple tree that would produce some of the sweetest apples. The birds and squirrels would pick at the apples and take little bites out of each one, leaving a yard of discarded apples. The few that were left grew, I picked them. I would also have to deal with web worms making webs in the tree. Eventually the tree died off, and I called tree removal in Long Island to get the remains of the tree out of my yard so that I could plant a new one.

The tree removal service cut the tree into smaller parts to make it easier to take away. Once they were left with nothing but a stump, they asked me if I wanted to leave the stump behind and grind it down, or have it dug up from the yard. Leaving the stump behind would have left me with an area that I couldn’t use for anything. On the other hand, having the tree dug up would have ruined a part of my yard for a short period of time, at least until the grass was able to grow back. I decided that it would be best for me to dig up the tree.

once the tree was completely dug up, I could see how far into the ground the roots had grown. I filled the hole with some dirt, and planted some grass seeds to grow in its place. The removal service hauled away the remnants of the tree and I was left without any more apples to eat for that season. I’m not sure if I want to have another apple tree or if I should go with something better than apples.