Couldn’t Believe We Had Termites

When we found evidence of termites, we needed an exterminator in NYC and we needed them yesterday. What really made me mad about the whole situation is that we just moved into this house about a year ago. That means it was inspected before the sale could be approved and no one said anything at all about a termite infestation. That is incredible to me. Termites will ruin a house faster than just about anything outside of a natural disaster. To miss something this obvious is proof that someone wasn’t doing there job. We’re considering a lawsuit.

The lawsuit aside, we still had to take action quickly against the problem. Letting termites continue to chew through the wood in your house isn’t an option. I could tell me had them, but I had no idea how long we had them or the extent of the damage. Maybe I caught it in time, but I had strong doubts about that. Usually by the time you see evidence of them, they have been at work for a long time. I hoped the exterminator could tell us the extent of the damage so I could make a decision and go from there.

I found a great company who had been in business for years and they came out and did a thorough search through the home. They went up in the attic, through the basement, and even underneath the crawlspace under the house. Their verdict was that the problem seemed to be contained to one specific section of the home and that it wasn’t that bad. They worked their magic to kill the critters and promised to come back in the future to make sure it worked. I feel a lot better now, although I still feel like I’ll have another home inspector come out and take a look around.