Choosing an Apartment over a House

My husband and I were renting a home on the outskirts of Vegas, but we were not really pleased with it. Our landlord raised the rental price twice in the last three years, and we honestly had no idea if he was trying to price us out of there or gouge us. Either way, we decided that we were not going to take it anymore, and I started looking at a website that shows different apartment complexes that have units for rent in Vegas. We had already determined that we would be happier in an apartment for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that complexes are run by management companies rather than a greedy landlord. If the property management company makes the rent too high, then they are the ones who are going to suffer since no one will rent from them. Also, it is a more competitive business, so they are going to want to attract people to their complex, which is done through lower rental rates. Money was not the only factor though on why we wanted to live in an apartment complex rather than another house.

We were responsible for a lot of things at the house, including minor repairs and taking care of the lawn. This was just not something that was anything we wanted to do, and it was a hassle every time we had to mow the grass. Living in an apartment means that someone else will take care of the grass and even the minor repairs for us. There was nothing that we were losing out on by moving into an apartment, and we had everything to gain by it. When I found a great apartment at a reasonable price, we started the process of making it ours. We have been here two months now, and it was definitely the right choice.