My Business is Thriving and Keeps Me Busy

Well, I expected to have a lot of crunch time with my own business, but I really had no idea just how busy things would be until I actually got into the trenches and started the business I now run. It keeps me on my toes for sure. Yesterday, I was talking to my accountant about something, and she mentioned she needs to see real check stubs given to the two employees who work for me. Because there are only two people working for me, I had just been paying them via an online payment system that doesn’t give stubs. She told me that I can do it online. I was pretty grateful because my day yesterday was jam packed with so many things to do. I hope it quiets down one day.

I hired my first employee when I realized that it was a must. I had been doing everything alone for about a year and half. It kept me busy day in and day out. But when I found myself working 15 hour days and still not completing everything, I knew I could no longer make it alone and needed help. So, I hired a marketing person. He’s fantastic. He handles everything to do with advertising now, and that did help take a lot off of my hands. But after another year, I found that I needed even more help.

The second person that I hired is my assistant. She does so many different things, and she came to me with a lot of experience. So, there was not much training time involved, which I’m grateful for. Pretty much everything she does for me I can hand the work to her and she’s off and running on her own. I still try to handle some things myself when my assistant is busy, such as getting the check stubs together that my accountant asked for.

I Needed to Make Some Positive Changes for My Children

I knew that I had to leave my husband because I could not deal with more of the troubles that he had been putting me and our children for years. So, I found a place to live, and then I made sure to sign up with a new energy company, the phone company and got Internet service right away. i wanted to do all this before I told him that I was leaving. Having a place ahead of time was also something that I thought was necessary for me to keep in mind if he tried to win me back. I had stayed too many times because he had talked me into it over the years. But something finally turned on a light switch in my brain and I realized that it was time to move on for good.

The conversation I had with my husband went pretty well. He knew that I meant it this time. There were so many time that he’d done something like gambled all of our rent or food money away, and then he would be for forgiveness. This is not what I wanted my children to grow up seeing. I wanted the kids to know that a relationship needs to be healthy, and that a person should not stay where things are not going well at all. The nice thing is the my husband also understood why we needed to leave.

My children are ages 6 and 11. They are waking up to a lot of things around them. I was hoping their dad would be interested in staying in their lives, and so far, that has worked well. We have moved into the new place, and he comes to pick them up every weekend to have time with them. It gives me time to do things on my own, and they love that their dad is still in their lives.

Shakes for Meal Replacement Use

I have been trying to lose weight for a couple of years now, and I have made some progress to that end, but not enough for my liking. I could definitely stand to keep losing weight, and to do so for awhile now, depending on how well I am able to lose weight in the near future. I am looking at an option right now that I have not considered before, and I am reading about the best meal replacement shakes to see what they might offer me in terms of losing weight.

I know that if I could replace at least one meal per day with a shake, that is of a low amount of calories, yet at the same time, still filling enough to keep me from snacking between that meal and the next time that I am supposed to eat, then that would probably do a lot of good towards getting me to lower the total amount of calories that I consume in a day.

One of the biggest problems that I have with dieting is that I tend to snack more than I should and that tends to ruin the whole program. I am pretty good at eating healthy meals when I want to, but then I tend to eat too much between meals, and sometimes I will eat more calories between meals than I actually do for either of the meals that I have on the ends of that period of time. It is not a good way to stick to a diet, but I just have a large appetite, and I need something that is very filling to help to keep me in check. I think that the shakes might be a good way to do that, but I have to read more to know for sure.

Using a Smart Meter to Conserve Energy

Residents of South Texas have some of the best energy options in the state. Whenever I hear that someone is looking for a new energy provider, I tell them they should take a closer look at CPL Energy. I’ve been with them for years, and I feel like they’re the best in town. I like working with a company that’s made the business relationship effortless. I don’t want to have to put a lot of time and energy into paying my bills. With my current company, I love that they give me the option to schedule automatic payments, so I never even have to think about paying my bill. I get an email notifying me the total amount of my bill, but it just gets paid automatically every month.

Something else that’s pretty cool is that everyone around here has smart meters. Smart meters are great way to learn more about the electricity that you use. You can see statistics about detailed usage, which really helps you understand when you use too much energy, and when you’re using energy responsibly. I’ve learned a lot about conserving energy after learning how to read my smart meter statistics. It really isn’t that difficult. When you’re reading the report, you’ll be able to pinpoint the activities that you engage in, and the effect their having on your electric bill.

At first I didn’t understand how to interpret the data I was gathering for my smart meter, but the company rep I spoke with was very smart. He helped me learn how to read those statistics, and he also taught me a few things about how to conserve energy. My relationship with this company is something that I really value. Sure, I love the convenience of automatic bill pay, and I really enjoy using my smart meter, but it’s the people that really make the difference.

Longing for More New Music from My Homeland

I like songs. My problem is that I like to listen to the songs a couple of times before I buy them. I strongly support paying for the music you download. I do get free songs now and again when certain sites I belong to offer them. However, those are few and far between. What I like to do for my world music is to go to a baixar mp3 site and listen to music from different parts of the world. When I find what I like, I buy it. If I do not really care for it, I make sure I do not listen to it anymore or have it on my phone.

I think there should be more ways to find and listen to music from around the world. (more…)