We Choose Vinyl Siding for Its Look and Durability

I like brick homes. They look regal and sturdy. However, after a few years in just about any location you begin to see some cracking in the mortar joints. I have seen brick facades over block look like they were separating from the inner wall surfaces. One thing I have seen that keeps on looking good year after is siding. I remember aluminum siding, I have seen a house with steel siding and there is a lot of vinyl siding around here. We have it on our house. We got vinyl siding in Billings, MT about 20 years ago. I pressure wash it when the grime from traffic builds up, and it keeps on looking great year after year.

The only part that really gets any buildup of grime is on the front porch. (more…)

An Apartment with My Daughter

When my daughter got accepted at a university in Tampa, she debated on whether she wanted to live in a dorm or have her own apartment. She was concerned about the cost for an apartment, and that is how I entered the picture. We have always had a really close relationship since it has always just been the two of us. We were living in an apartment about 40 minutes outside Tampa, even though I work right in the heart of the city. She showed me a picture of Altis Highland Park in Tampa, and she asked what I thought about us just moving there together. (more…)

Started to Look for a New Place

I have just now started to look for a new place to live, some place on the other side of Orlando. I am hoping to find a nice place near the Southeast corner of Clear Lake, which is basically where my new job is located. Of course the big thing is that I am not interested in apartments where you have too many young people who want to stay up all night long. That is the big problem with the place that I have now. There are about four young guys living in a place right down the hall and it seems like all of them work until about 11 o’clock at night. Then they come home with a bunch of their pals and they start to drink and make a lot of noise. Most nights it does not really bother me, but the same can not be said of the other people in the building. They get up and start to raise the devil over this stuff, inevitably the police are called. That only makes more noise. (more…)

My Sleep Troubles Are Now Gone

I would say that I spent three years dealing with feeling so tired throughout pretty much every day. I even tried to make sure that I got into bed every night at a decent time, and I still felt completely worn out every morning and all throughout the day afterward. I really could not figure out what the problem was. One day, my husband surprised me by saying that I snore and that I had been doing it for awhile. I knew immediately that meant that I should go see a sleep apnea doctor in Grand Rapids as quickly as possible.

My husband had been snoring for many years. There had been many nights where it would wake me up and I would poke him to try to get him to stop. (more…)

We Changed Our Energy Provider

When my husband told me to check into some different energy providers, I wasn’t sure what kind of help I would be. While most people can understand the basics of electricity and energy, I felt like I needed to go back to school to have a clue about it. I know solar energy is a hot topic, and things are measured in kilowatts, but I can’t even explain either of those things. He told me that I didn’t need to be a scientist though just to get reliant rates in san angel, texas as well as a few other company rates.

We had just received another increase in our energy bill, and we were both anxious to get it lowered again. Our neighbors have Reliant Energy, and they were paying a bit less than we were every month. (more…)