President Trump is Once Again Misquoted by the Media

In the latest Trump news, once again, President Donald Trump is being misquoted in the press. This time by the Wall Street Journal. This time they have misquoted the President for saying, “I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong-un.”. In actuality, what he said was “I’d” not “I”. That is a really big difference which changes the context of the whole quote. It is undeniable that our President sometimes spouts off too much and too harshly at times. But that does not give anybody the right to blatantly misquote or outright lie about what he has said.

I usually find some of these articles about President Trump’s brashness a bit entertaining but sometimes the mainstream media crosses the line. It seems like they are doing everything they possibly can to paint him in a bad light and turn the American people against him. And what is even worse is that people are buying into it. I think President Trump is exactly who we need in office right now. He is not the typical politician which is a good thing in my opinion. He does not conform to the ideologies of the Washington elite and is a very forthright and vocal advocate for the American people.

Before running for president he was an extremely succesful businessman which I think says a lot about him. I admire him for all that he has accomplished before dipping his feet into politics. I think we need a businessman running our country instead of the usual politician. This can only benefit our country and hopefully get us out of debt so that we don’t have to rely on other countries. He is making sure we take care of our own people which is exactly what he should be doing. I’m proud to call him my president.

Some Sister Time at the Nail Salon

My parents were pretty strict when I was younger. I was not allowed to date anyone until I was 16, and even then there were a lot of rules. I also was not allowed to wear any type of makeup until I was 16. I thought it was so unfair when I was a kid, but now that I am a mother of two young girls, I completely understand it. My younger sister feels it is unfair too. She asked me if I would take her for her first manicure and pedicure because she just feels I can relate to her more than our parents can.

She was born nearly 13 years after me, so there is quite the age difference. I was nearly 30 years old when she was finally able to start wearing makeup on her own. My oldest daughter is just five years younger than she is, so I can understand it both ways. (more…)

A Clean Condo for My Mom

My mom went back to work after being out of the work force for nearly 22 years. She had a great job when she and my father were married, but she quit when she became pregnant with my older brother. My sister and I followed each within a year, and her priorities changed, making family more important. Now that we are all gone though, she decided to reenter the work force. That meant that she could not do as much at home, so she decided to hire a part time cleaner in Singapore.

She was able to get a job at a local firm, and she went from working part time to working overtime in a pretty short period of time. (more…)

This Was My First Pedicure

I had never had a professional manicure before, and I certainly had never had a pedicure either. I have always taken care of my own fingernails and toenails, and I just could not understand why someone would pay another person just to cut and paint their toenails. My mom knew how I felt, so I was confused when she got me a certificate for a Holland Village pedicure. It is not that I am a tomboy and don’t like girly things like that, because I do enjoy fashion. It is also not because I cannot afford a professional manicure or pedicure, because I have a great job that keeps my bank account very healthy.

It is just because I don’t like to waste, and that is how I saw this. (more…)

We Have Both Turned Back Time

When my wife told me she wanted to go to a chiropractor, I really did not know what to say. Normally when someone goes to a medical professional, it is because something is wrong with them. When I asked my wife if she was not feeling well, she told me she was doing really good. She is not a hypochondriac at all, so I admitted that I was puzzled as to the reason she wanted to go to a chiropractor in Camas. I had no problem with her going, but I had no clue why she wanted to go.

She then told me that she had read in one of her women’s magazines that a chiropractor can make a relatively healthy person feel even better. (more…)