Appliance Repair Tech Gets My Old Gas Stove Burners Working Again

When I moved into my new house, I was not able to afford to buy brand new furniture and appliances. I was able to get a nice living set and kitchen table from a thrift store, and I purchased a stove and fridge from a secondhand shop in town. It might not be much to some people, but it was huge for me. Everything was fine for the first few months, then one of the burners stopped working on my stove. I knew I needed to look up major appliance repair in Sacramento when a second burner stopped working.

I really liked the stove because it was still fairly new. I figured that it could be a really easy fix, or the repairman could tell me that I needed to junk it. I was really hoping for the first though. Even though I still had two burners I could use, I love to cook and wanted to have access to at least three of them if not all four. There was also not a thing wrong with the oven, so I was hoping that a professional repairman would be able to quickly and inexpensively fix the two burners that were not working for me. I have always preferred gas stoves for cooking. You can more fine tune the burner adjustments when cooking than you can with electric stove tops. The two burners on the right side of the stove were not working for me. I had no idea what the problem was, but the repair technician found it. The path of the gas on the right side of the stove was not getting out the burners. I had noticed that the flame never went all the way around both right side burners. From what we could figure out, it seemed that something must have been spilled and got into the burners before I owned the stove. As it got heated over and over again, it would harden more and more. The tech cleaned the burners with solvent, and now they work like new.