An Honest Estimate for a Roof Repair

I can remember when I was a kid and a huge storm came through the small town we lived in. Every town sees storms, but this one was bad and caused a lot of damage. I was hoping to never see another one like that, and I didn’t up until about a year ago. We got a huge storm though, and unfortunately there was a lot of damage. I happened to be one of the homeowners who needed to find a company that does roof installation in Brooklyn NY, and quickly at that.

I started calling around and explained my predicament to a few different roofing companies. I knew that they were very busy, but I could not afford to wait the two or three weeks that most said it would take to get to me. Thankfully, I called one who was able to come out that same day to give me an estimate on the damages and what would need to be done. I had a feeling that I was going to need an entire new roof, so I was very happy when he said that he would be able to repair the section where two trees had come to rest after falling over.

I got my second surprise of the day when he told me how much it would cost me. I was expecting a huge cost, which I would have paid no matter what because I needed a roof over my head. Actually, the insurance company would have paid it, minus my deductible, but that made the quote even more impressive, because I knew that they could have pretty much charged what they wanted, but they were honest about it. They were able to secure the roof so no water would come in, then they fixed it just a few days later. I am beyond satisfied!

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