An Apartment with My Daughter

When my daughter got accepted at a university in Tampa, she debated on whether she wanted to live in a dorm or have her own apartment. She was concerned about the cost for an apartment, and that is how I entered the picture. We have always had a really close relationship since it has always just been the two of us. We were living in an apartment about 40 minutes outside Tampa, even though I work right in the heart of the city. She showed me a picture of Altis Highland Park in Tampa, and she asked what I thought about us just moving there together.

I had only been staying at the apartment we were in because I didn’t want to uproot her from her friends or school, but that was all changing with her going to college now. I thought of how much time I would save by actually being just a mile or so from where I work, so it did not take me long at all to make my decision. It also helped that she picked a really nice apartment complex out too!

She showed me the different floor plans, and I really liked the one that she liked for the two of us. It has a bedroom on each side with a private bath for one of us and a shared bath for the other. Since she would be having more company than me, we decided I would take the private bath. There is also a large kitchen and living room, and we have a bonus den as well as a balcony. It is much bigger than where we were living before, and there are so many more amenities too. We are both much happier here, and I am just really glad that I get to keep my daughter so close for at least four more years!