A Night of Outdoor Partying

Living in Seaside Residences has been pretty great. Last week, some of the other people who live in the building decided to have an outdoor party. I haven’t been living here as long as they have, so this was my first time going to one of the parties they have at the building. They use the outdoor grilling area to cook up lots of tasty food. One of my favorite things in the world to eat is Singaporean cuisine, so this was like heaven for me.

I met some new people at the party that also lived in the building. There are a lot of rooms in the building, so unless you knock on each door and talk to every person, the chances of meeting everyone outside of a party setting where they’re all in one place isn’t exactly likely. I didn’t realize that there were so many people my age living in the building. I always thought that aside from the ones living on a few of the floors, everyone else was a little older.

After many of the guests had been at the party for a while and had some drinks in their system, that’s when things really started to get fun. Everyone was dancing along to the music, even though some of them didn’t really have great dance moves. They didn’t care how silly they looked, and neither did I, because we were all having fun. At one point, someone brought out a long pole and two people held it up so we could play a limbo game. My back isn’t exactly the most flexible, but I still gave it my best shot. I was able to go under the pole a couple of times, but eventually the pole became too low and I fell backwards on my butt. I got a pretty good laugh out of it, as did everyone else.