A Clean Condo for My Mom

My mom went back to work after being out of the work force for nearly 22 years. She had a great job when she and my father were married, but she quit when she became pregnant with my older brother. My sister and I followed each within a year, and her priorities changed, making family more important. Now that we are all gone though, she decided to reenter the work force. That meant that she could not do as much at home, so she decided to hire a part time cleaner in Singapore.

She was able to get a job at a local firm, and she went from working part time to working overtime in a pretty short period of time. When she was working part time, she had plenty of time to do the shopping and cleaning on her own. However, once she went to full time and then even beyond, she just did not have enough hours in the day to get everything done. She uses her days off to get errands and shopping done, but she was not in the mood to have to do a full week of cleaning during a day off.

She figured if she had some part time cleaning help through the week, then she would be able to tackle the rest of it on her day off rather than trying to do it all. She contacted the same cleaning service that her best friend uses, which is what started her thinking about this in the first place. She actually really likes this set up, because the cleaning service does the cleaning chores that she has never liked doing anyway, and then she does a bit of cleaning on her day off. It is a win win situation for her because she has a clean condo without having to do the majority of it herself.